Alpine Farms - About Us Alpine Farms is located in Gardnerville, Nevada, at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains — literally. We get cold and snow and rain and heat — and lots of sun. We have been in business for 21 years and are working hard to develop and grow the farm into a complete food source farm: all organic, and catering to the health-conscious connoisseur.

We are organic in all aspects of our Farm:

  • We fertilize with fish and kelp.
  • Our ground has never had any other crop on it.
  • We are higher than normal in magnetic properties in our soil, which promotes health and crop growth.

Currently at the Farm, we offer four varieties of pine trees for landscaping: Austrian, Jeffrey Pine, Ponderosa and Giant Cedar Redwoods.

And we are presently developing our Farm to soon be offering ancient grains (gluten free), as well as Angus beef, pigs, sheep and goats. We are creating a large greenhouse full of herbs and will also be offering some produce, including a unique table grape. All Organic.


Alpine Farms Mission:

To be known as the farm that only grows the best quality foods, including meats, herbs, some fruits and the feed that feeds the meats you eat.