mc-samsung-phone-pics-4-11-14-179 At Alpine Farms of Northern Nevada, we truly believe and live by that old adage, you are what you eat! We believe it’s the same for our cows and livestock; and therefore, we grow organic alfalfa and soon will grow ancient gluten free grains and grass for their feed. We will also be moving into a fodder system for fresh green feed daily.

We began a few years ago by clearing the sage, wild grasses and scrub brush from the land, as well as removing an enormous amount of rocks. We leveled the field and planted clover, and kept it watered. Once it was full grown, we turned it over into the soil—continuing that process for a total of three years.

We then planted special grasses that would not seed but would benefit the bio-mass, or under soil. Once it was grown we turned it over once again. We then re-leveled the field and tested the soil. The test showed we were missing certain earth elements in certain quantities, which we then added using organic natural minerals. We mixed it into the soil and planted our organic alfalfa seeds. The crop sprung to life! We added organic fish and kelp every month through our sprinklers. The benefit of which is that the water, fish and kelp are absorbed by the leaves, stems, and of course the soil. The bio-mass in soil really thrives. The end result was a tremendous organic alfalfa, very leafy and small stems.

We have many testimonies from our happy customers. Some of these customers have goats and when they make yogurt, cheese and goats milk, they tell us there is an instantaneous difference in taste and production. The goats love it; they eat every bit of it.

We also have some dairy cow customers who create non-pasteurized products of milk, cheese and butter. They also say the same thing. We have horse and cattle customers.

The reason they like our product so much is because we are low in selenium. We do this on purpose — our soil tests showed that we were low in selenium and we purposely did not add extra to bring it up. Selenium has been known to be a contributor to foundering, and no horse or cattle owner would want this.

Our feed will be for sale locally for your cattle, dairy cows, horses, goats, sheep and rabbits. All benefit immensely from better quality food. It will show in their leanness, coats, and health—and in any dairy products and meat you produce from them.

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