Although we are not certified by the state, at Alpine Farms of Northern Nevada, we do adhere to all organics practices and products — because we care. We do not use any pesticides or crop weed killers on our property. Never have, never will.

When we hear the word organic, we tend to think no pesticides or chemicals. That is correct, but there is so much more. Here on our farm we know it is a process to keep our ground and the soil we use extremely nutritious and healthy naturally.

When we first purchased our natural high mountain property it was covered in sage brush. We cleared the land, which was not small task as we also had to clear hundreds of rocks and boulders. We added sprinklers and continually worked on our soil amendments.

Our goal is to grow clover and other bio-mass grasses to make sure our soil was the healthiest it could possibly be. Our intention is to be the best we can be without using any weed killers or pesticides. Our choice in fertilizer is an organic liquid fish and kelp from the ocean docks in Canada. We will be using bio-char in addition to the fish and kelp.

Most other farms around here flood irrigate. We are uphill and on sloped land, so sprinkler hand lines and wheel lines are used to water and naturally fertilize our crops.

We have plans for Alpine Farms. In the near future we are planning a commercial greenhouse to grow organic herbs, vegetables and fruits. We are excited to take the farm to the next level. We want to be able to offer this organic food to our community.

We plan on adding ancient grain (gluten free) to our fields. We will also be growing special grasses for our organic grass fed cattle. We plan on adding a fodder system to our new AG Building. This will give us the ability to feed our cattle and other animals healthy feed of grains which is important for them. Quality feed and food is not by accident. It takes work to keep our bodies and our animals healthy.

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