At Alpine Farms of Gardnerville, Nevada, our business is built on our reputation, and our customers love our products. Just read our testimonials below!

Alpine Farms came recommended to me by another local hay grower. I specifically needed organic alfalfa hay because my stallion was allergic to grass hay. Jeff was very cordial and took me on a tour of his farm. He has plenty of beautiful trees planted and ready for sale as well. Their property is beautiful. When you ride up to Faye Canyon you can look down and see their beautiful green hay fields and trees that stand out. It is hard to find great organic alfalfa and Alpine Farms has the best! ~ Kara


The hay is great! The goats are fighting over it. I know that they really like it. I have never seen them do this before with other alfalfa. Great product. Thank you. ~ Susan


As a young farmer, I have gone through the ringer to find what is best for my animals. I have tried every kind of diet and I now know what my animals like and what they don’t like. Alfalfa is a funny thing for them. They can be very picky. It has been hard to buy organic in the past. Recently, I found Jeff at Alpine Farms. He has made it his business to grow organic alfalfa hay. I have never had my goats gobble up alfalfa as much as they have with Jeff’s hay. I can literally see, feel and taste the difference and so can the goats. The goats are healthy and so are we. We thank you here @ Sasquatch Farms. ~ John


We purchase our hay from Alpine Farms in Gardnerville, Nevada. We travel all the way from Paso Robles, CA to buy their alfalfa because it is such great quality. We are have been ranching for years, and we know the importance of quality feed. For optimal health, our horses do best on fine stemmed leafy green organic hay. The Carlton’s are always focused on producing great quality as well as excellent service. It is worth the drive! ~ Harley & Evelyn


Alpine Farms offers great organic alfalfa! Some of the finest quality we have seen in years. My daughter feeds her horse their hay and loves the high nutritional value. They generally have three cuttings a season and all of their cuttings are awesome. Great people! Great product! ~ JR


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